Sturgis Man Shot After Refusing to Leave Home

Sturgis, South Dakota – A man was shot and killed after entering a home early Sunday morning and refusing to leave.

According to Sturgis Police Department Chief Geody VanDewater, a homeowner called police to report 32-year-old Matthew Flagler was tampering with two vehicles outside their home.

The homeowner then told police they had gone outside to yell at Flagler in an attempt to scare him away. Instead Flagler walked into the unlocked home and refused to leave despite warnings from the occupants.

After he attempted to approach the homeowners, Flagler was shot in the chest with a small caliber revolver. He was rushed to Sturgis Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Chief VanDewater said this doesn’t appear to be a case of home invasion but doesn’t know what the motive was behind the intrusion.

Although the investigation is still ongoing to find out if this situation constitutes stand your ground law, VanDewater says everyone has a right to protect their property and themselves from harm.

He went on to encourage residents of Sturgis to defend themselves with preparation.

“I like to encourage people to have the options available to keep themselves safe. Lock their cars. Lock their houses. Have security and motion lights in place and just be prepared,” the Chief said.

No charges are pending at this time against the homeowner for shooting Flagler, but the case has been forwarded to the State’s Attorney’s Office who will press charges at their discretion.

It is seldom a good idea to leave the safety of your home to confront a threat. Unless you are fearful of someone being harmed or killed, stay in your home, behind locked doors, and wait for the police to arrive.

Updating locks and using them, proper lighting and landscaping are all methods which make your home a harder target. Often criminals will pass by a home that looks well prepared in favor of a less prepared prey, so just setting these defenses in place could prevent you from needing to engage a threat with your home defense weapon in the first place.

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